X Marks the Spot

Matilde Meireles

Digital release

Augmented durational participatory project


X Marks the Spot is a multi-layered and playful participatory project assembled by tagging specific telecommunication boxes in the city of Belfast, those emitting an audible drone (continuous hum).

The project is manifested through three different modalities: an online web-archive (modality 1); graphic design interventions in public space in the form of a poster (modality 2); and Off-Site, a series of collaborative reinterpretations of the project (modality 3). Each mode provides not only a different experience of the work, but also a different type of access to the project and a different form of listening. Since it is unlikely that most people will experience all three modalities, each one was designed to stand on its own.

The project initiates different types of connections and collaborations. As a platform, it seeks to explore the different enriching aspects that each of these levels of interactions and collaborations can bring to the project, while enhancing the potential of field recording as a tool to investigate urban transformations.

Users can augment their experience of each tagged location by scanning the QR Code on the poster.

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